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Pen and Inkling: A Letter Game Community
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A place where people can come together to write and read collaborative epistolary fiction.
Hello there!

A Brief Introduction
Perhaps you have heard of the letter game. (Perhaps you haven't, in which case, here, have a Wikipedia article!) Suffice to say, it's a collaborative writing exercise which is both tons of fun, and great practice for aspiring writers.

A few weeks ago, I started wondering if maybe the internet was filled with writerly types who would love to be playing the letter game, if only they knew what it was, and could find people to play it with. Consider this an experiment.

Procedural Business
1. Join this community. Probably join our OOC community, inkwellings too. More on that later.

2. Write a letter from one fictional character to another. This letter should establish a general setting (place and time period), your character's identity, and why they've chosen to contact the other person in the first place. Feel free to leave some things vague if you want the person replying to fill in the details, but at the very least, you'll probably want to include some tone and genre cues.

3. Before you post it to the community, fill out this little form:
Authors: [if you don't yet have a collaborator, you can go back and edit this once people have joined]
Rating/Warnings: ["PG-13 for language", etc. You may want to update this as the story develops.]
Open characters: [this can be a list of any unclaimed character(s) referenced within the letters, or a widespread invitation for anyone to invent a character and write themselves into the game. Or you can leave this off if there are no unclaimed characters.]
Notes: [this one is optional--any specific, vital background info that can't be conveyed in your first letter, like "Set in the same universe as Max Brooks's World War Z" or "Historical accuracy is really important to me, so if you join, be prepared to do some research about 1920's Chicago"]
Excerpt: [This is in lieu of a summary. It can be a few paragraphs of your letter, or the letter itself if it's short.]

4. ...And then either cut-tag to the rest of the letter, or--if you're posting the full letter on your own livejournal--provide a link.

5. Another person replies to your post as the character your character wrote to, and the game begins!

Things to Keep in Mind
+All time periods and settings welcome. Fanfiction-based games are absolutely allowed; just remember to specify the fandom in the "notes" section so nobody's confused.

+Be nice to your fellow letter-writers! Your character can be a total jerk, but you-the-author need to be considerate. Please obey the basic rules of Collaborative Fiction Etiquette, which is a term I just made up, but is pretty much identical to Role Playing Etiquette.

+Feel free to make a separate character journal if you want to. It's not required, but it could be fun!

+I posted the Wikipedia definition of the letter game above, but you don't have to strictly follow the wikipedia rules. If you need to talk something out with your collaborators, well, I won't tell. ;)

+That said, is is a letter game-only journal. If you want to contact your collaborator(s), brainstorm letter game situations, promote a game you've just started, discuss other people's letter game threads, post fanwork inspired by a letter game, or just recommend some good epistolary fiction, use our OOC journal, inkwellings. Additionally, if you have questions or suggestions for me, you can post them there.

+The life of this community depends on people both posting new letters and responding to existing ones, so if you start a game, you might want to join someone else's game as well. You don't have to, but it would be awesome.

+Be kind, be creative, and have fun!