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pancakerabbit06, artillie , kensson , frenchroast , chaucerettescs , and whoever else happens by!
Ratings/Warnings:  None yet.
Open Characters: (Updated 8/4) Anyone living on the first floor, Mr. Erendrake of 2A, whoever lives in 2C, the mysterious spice-hoarding recluse of 3C, resident crazy old lady Fidelia Cotton of 4C, and an unlimited number of characters who may reside on the floors above.
Notes:  Unless it says otherwise, assume all letters have been slipped under the recipient's door.

To: Current Occupant of Apartment 3B 


Hi!  Welcome to the building.  I’m Becca Roberts, I live directly above you.  Sorry I didn’t get to help you move in or anything—I try to be on first-name basis with everybody in the building, but lately I’ve been working a lot of night shifts, so it’s hard to socialize with new neighbors.  

I can still give you the inside scoop if you want it, though.  You’re on a good floor.  Morgan, the guy who lives in 3A, is super nice.  He plays viola some evenings, and he’s got a lot of talent.  (Just don’t say “good morning” to him if you see him in the hallway before 7 am, and he’s not holding coffee.)  As for your other next door neighbor, nobody knows much about whoever lives in 3C.  I don’t think any of us have even seen this individual; the only way we know that 3C is inhabited at all is that sometimes, for totally unknown reasons, it absolutely reeks of nutmeg.    Still he-or-she is totally quiet and never leaves anything blocking the hallway, as long as you like nutmeg, not a bad deal! 

So hey, tell me about yourself.  What brings you to the city? 


P.S.  This is probably nothing, but it kind of freaked me out.  On my way home from work last night, I saw a guy in a suit outside your door, and it looked like he was trying to pick the lock.  I mean, for all I know, it was you, and you’d just forgotten your keys or something, it’s just that the guy bolted when he saw me.  I don’t know.  Maybe it was an innocent mix-up.

P.P.S.  Do you like oatmeal cookies?  I just made about 6 dozen, and am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this may be too much cookie for even I.


Aug. 5th, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
Dear Becca,

Thank you so much for your welcome, delighted to make your acquaintance. It's refreshing to have one's neighbours make one feel at home. I should be delighted to remove some of the temptation of the biscuits from you.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Ms Cotton - I offered to help her carry her groceries the other day and she put me in a headlock for suggesting such a thing. Wonderful lady. Surprising strength. Had she not been distracted by Morgan's beautiful playing, she would surely have injured me more severely. Which reminds me, I must ask him a small favour.

As for me, Mr Erendrake is partly correct - I'm in town as an expert witness in a rather tiresome court case - I'm not at liberty to say much more than that. Thank you for the intelligence of the intruder - all rather intriguing. I'm sure Ms Cotton will have words with him if he tries anything on this floor. I noticed a couple of times that the main front door had been propped open; I hope I didn't lock anyone out by pulling it closed.

I look forward to meeting you in person soon. What is it you do on your night shifts?


Alan in 4A
Aug. 18th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
Dear Alan,

Here you go, two dozen cookies! Or biscuits, as some say. Are you English, by any chance? If so, it must be a fairly important court case to bring you across the pond, although I guess you could be an expatriate or somesuch. At any rate, welcome to the States!

Haha, yeah that sounds like Fidelia. She's got a pretty solid right hook, too. She's got a Corgi, which technically isn't allowed, but the legend is that when the landlord came to try to take the dog away, she answered the door with a shotgun.

Morgan's a pretty good friend of mine. I'd be happy to pass along a message to him, if it's not confidential or anything.

Don't worry about the front door. We're all supposed to keep it closed--if anyone gets locked out, they can just buzz one of their neighbors. I'll keep you informed if I notice anything else weird with intruders.

Can I ask what your area of expertise is? It's totally alright if you'd rather not share, it's just that it all sounds pretty exciting.

Especially compared to my present career. On weeknights, I cover the late shift waitressing at Django's. On weekends, I'm a street performer--specifically, a living statue, which sounds interesting until you realize I'm basically paid to stand still. (I jest. It's actually pretty fun. Grossly impractical, but fun.)

Have you met Stern and Cadburry yet? They moved in around the same time you did. Morgan was talking about organizing some kind of buildingwide get-together, which would be nice.

Also, watch out for Peter Gray of 2B. Something happened to his hydrangeas, and now he's on a warpath.

Have a great day,


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